You’ve got an amazing future ahead of you—why limit the possibilities? Getting caught using or possessing marijuana while under the age of 21 can have consequences both now and for years to come.

Jobs and Careers

No matter what you choose to do with your future, it’s important to know that using marijuana could stand in the way of you getting and keeping a job. Because THC—the main active chemical in marijuana—can stay in your system for weeks after use, marijuana can show up on a drug test. A marijuana conviction could even prevent you from joining the military or pursuing the life you want.

Source: NIDA (2021).
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Driving and Riding

Driving high or riding with a high driver isn’t just risky, it’s potentially deadly. And for teen drivers, testing positive for any amount of marijuana means getting a DUI and possibly losing your license and paying thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees.

Source: Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, 2019.
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Healthy relationships give you a safe place to feel supported, in the good times and the bad. Marijuana can get in the way of that trust and respect—whether it’s with your parents, teachers, and coaches or with the people who look up to you, like your friends and siblings. It can even make you withdraw from the people you care about most. And remember, 93 percent of Washington teens don’t use marijuana, so chances are your friends don’t either.

Source: The 2021 Washington State Healthy Youth Survey
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School & Beyond

It may seem far away now, but your future is full of opportunities that can help you build the life you want. Whether it’s getting a job or going to college, marijuana can make it more difficult to stay on track. Besides making it harder to learn, marijuana can also get you suspended from school or even expelled—holding you back from getting the grades you need and even preventing you from graduating on time.

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Sports and Extracurriculars

Your hobbies and passions are part of what makes you, you—and marijuana could stop you from taking your skills to the next level. Apart from affecting coordination, movement, and reaction times, marijuana use might make you ineligible for the sports teams, clubs, and other extracurricular activities you enjoy.

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Cost of Marijuana

Besides being illegal for people under 21, purchasing marijuana can be expensive, especially if you develop a habit. And if you get caught, fines and legal fees can add up to thousands of dollars—all money you could instead spend on your hobbies or experiences with the people who bring you joy.

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