You’ve got your whole future ahead of you. Why limit the possibilities? Marijuana, AKA cannabis, pot or weed, is illegal for people under 21, so getting caught using or possessing marijuana can have consequences both now and for years to come.

Jobs and Career

You can handle that interview. But using marijuana may get you fired from your job or prevent you from getting hired in the first place. THC (the main active chemical in marijuana) can stay in your system and show up on a drug test for several days or weeks. And, a marijuana conviction could even prevent you from joining the military or getting the job you really want later in life.

Source: NIDA (2019).
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Driving and Riding

You can enjoy the open road. But driving high or riding with a high driver isn’t just risky, it’s potentially deadly. And for teen drivers, testing positive for any amount of marijuana means getting a DUI, which could mean losing your license and paying thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees.

Source: Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, 2019.
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You can be there for your friends and family. And since the majority of Washington teens (93 percent) don’t use marijuana, chances are your friends don’t either. Getting caught with marijuana could mean losing the trust and respect of your parents, as well as friends, teachers, and coaches. Even if you don’t get caught, using marijuana may still hurt your relationships since it may make you withdraw from the people you care about most.

Source: The 2021 Washington State Healthy Youth Survey
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School & Beyond

You can go further. Whether it’s getting a job or going to school, marijuana could knock you off course. Besides making it harder to learn, getting caught with marijuana could get you into trouble at school–including suspension or expulsion–messing with your ability to graduate or get the grades you need for your next step.

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Sports and Extracurriculars

You can do what you love. But marijuana could stop you from taking your skills to the next level. Apart from affecting coordination, movement, and reaction times, marijuana use might make you ineligible for the sports teams, clubs, and other extracurricular activities you enjoy.

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Cost of Marijuana

You can be smart with your money. Besides being illegal for people under 21, purchasing marijuana can be expensive, especially if you develop a habit. And if you get caught, fines and legal fees can add up to thousands of dollars.

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