Adventures to Take in Washington State

Washington is full of beautiful mountains and amazing ocean views, but there’s an unusual side to our state too.

From Seattle to Spokane, there are weird roadside attractions, amazingly unique spots, and fun for all ages.

Gravity Hill

An optical illusion or pure magic? Probably magic. If you’ve been itching to defy the law (of gravity), take a trip to Prosser, Washington. And find the mysterious road marked with a start line. Then, pop your car into neutral, take your foot off the brake, and let gravity take the wheel as you roll uphill. That’s right, up.

The Garbage Eating Goat

Need to clean out your car? Well, you could do it at home or you could do it with a metal goat that’s been successfully eating garbage in Spokane since 1974. Created by the World’s Fair as a creative fix to littering fans, this goat has a vacuum inside that will inhale all your small pieces of trash.

Marsh’s Free Museum

Free. Weird. “Jake The Alligator Man.” (You know a mummified alligator with a human head and arms!) Marsh’s Free Museum has it all.

Bringing the weird to Washington since 1935, get your gifts and souvenirs while you browse this odd collection of strange artifacts. So, come on down—to Long Beach, Washington—and feast your eyes on everything from colorful coral to a two-headed calf.

The Haunted Oxford Saloon

Travel to the spirit world—well a spirit in Snohomish. Come meet bar dwellers of the past—like Henry the policeman, a regular who was stabbed while breaking up a fight. So, grab your tape recorder and camera (a.k.a. your phone) and go hunt some ghosts!

The Old Bicycle in the Tree

The name pretty much says it all. Vashon Island is home to a rusty, old bike suspended about 7 feet up, inside a tree. But how did it get there? Maybe a 1910’s kid tied it to the tree, but soon forgot it for new toys. Or maybe it’s all a hoax. You’ll just have to decide for yourself when you visit it.

Leavenworth Bavarian Village

It’s like traveling to Bavaria, Germany—only you’re in Leavenworth, Washington. This Bavarian-themed town was the brain child of two businessmen (in 1965). And brings us the great tourist attraction of 5000 nutcrackers. Shout out to the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum.

Guten Tag!

Now, let’s take an adventure.