Everybody Needs Boundaries

Setting boundaries in different areas of your life—like with your friends or how you spend your time—can help you make healthier choices, improve relationships, and build coping skills for when you feel overwhelmed.

Part of setting healthy boundaries is getting clear about what matters most in your life and knowing your limits. Think about the things that make you feel safe and the things that stress you out or make you uncomfortable. It also involves getting comfortable with saying no—which isn’t always easy. For some, it helps to have go-to phrases ready for when you need to turn down something, like marijuana. Lastly, it can help to have an idea of what you may do if your boundaries get crossed—that could be anything from a conversation to taking some space for yourself.

Ready to get started? Download the boundary exercises below. To use, simply print them and keep them in your journal or save them to your phone and edit them from there. And if you’re ready for a more in-depth exercise or want more information on setting boundaries, check out this 30-day guide from FocusOnYouWA.org.

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