Taking Some Digital Downtime

Studies show a link between social media use and mental health. While social networks can help you avoid isolation and maintain meaningful connections with friends and family, a lot of social media is basically a highlight reel of someone’s life – only showing the good moments and exciting adventures. Comparing your real life to the edited, filter-enhanced versions of the lives you see when you’re scrolling through your social feed can lead to unhealthy views of body image, physical appearance, and lifestyle. These feelings can be compounded by online trolls who post abusive comments. If you feel like the virtual world is getting you down, it might be time to take a temporary break. 

Take Time for You

Everyone can use a little “me” time. Set aside a few hours that belong to you by turning off notifications, ringers, and sounds on your electronic devices.

Turn Your Phone into a…Phone

It’s tough to stay off of social media when your virtual feed is in your pocket. Avoid temptation by deleting social media apps from your phone.

Depend on a Friend

Taking time away from social media can be easier when you aren’t alone. Find a friend who also wants a vacation from the digital world and go offline together. Being accountable to another person and having their support can make a huge difference.

Tuck your phone in for the night

You can take a mini-break by picking a time in the evening when your phone goes into its charger until the next day. Instead of scrolling until your eyelids feel heavy, let a book, meditation, or music lull you into a peaceful slumber. 

Take Control of Your Social (Media) Life

If you’ve taken some time away from social media or even if you’ve decided that a digital pause isn’t for you, create the virtual world you want to live in. You have the power to control what appears on your screen, so why not fill your feed with images and posts that make you feel empowered and inspired, like good news movements and body positivity channels? 

Online and real-world connections and friendships can both hold an important place in your life. Find the balance that works for you and feel good about logging on (or off).