You Can Create Your Own Stories

Make Your DIY Mini-Zine

We all have stories to tell—why not share yours with a zine? A zine is a simple, DIY way of expressing and sharing your ideas, thoughts, writings, drawings, or anything else you want to create.

So, ready to make a mini-zine? Here’s what you do…

Pick Your Design

Choose a mini-zine template (or all three), download it, and print it out on regular sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper.

Fold Your Zine

Printable Instructions

Tell Your Story

How does the cover of your mini-zine inspire you? You can write or draw anything you want. Think about something you love and tell a story around that. Write a haiku to your favorite hiking trail. Illustrate the ways you relieve stress. Dedicate your zine to the team or sport you support. Fill the pages with lists of your favorite music, movies, or books.


Enjoy your mini-zine. And if you want to keep the fun going, print another and another!