Your 5K Training Guide

A great way to start a new exercise routine is to set a goal with a deadline—like running, jogging, or walking a 5K. That’s 3.1 miles, 12.5 laps, or around 24-30 city blocks. And we can help you get ready for it. This is your beginner’s guide to training for a 5K in 6 weeks.

Getting Ready

A good warm-up routine helps increase your flexibility and prevent injuries. What’s the best way to warm up? Try dynamic stretching, like walking lunges, high kicks, or a knee-to-chest routine.

Static stretching is great for after a run, but dynamic stretching gets your blood flowing before. After stretching, take a brisk 5-minute walk—an easy transition right into your workout.

Walking Lunges
Step forward with one leg and bend knees to 90-degree angles—keep the front knee over the ankle and the other, off the ground. Take a step into a lunge with your other leg.

High Kicks
With a straight arm out, kick your leg straight up. Try to make you toes touch your palm.

Knee to Chest
Bring your knee to your chest by hugging your shin. Get more leverage by stepping onto your toes with your opposite foot.

The Routine


4 days a week: Alternate between running and walking to build endurance. Don’t worry about how fast you’re going right away—that will come later.

1 day a week: Build strength with training that includes things like planking and squats. This will help you prevent injuries.

2 days a week: Rest to give your body time to recover.

Don’t Forget These First-Time Runner Essentials:
  • Comfortable running shoes
  • Water, water, and more water
  • A nutritious diet (Check out our Nutrition Guide for Athletes)
  • A great playlist
  • Reflective safety gear when necessary

And next thing you know, it’ll be time to show off all your hard work.