You can make a difference by ensuring your friends know how to take care of their minds, mood, and health. TAKE CONTROL and You Can are partnering to offer easy ways for you to get involved, like becoming a TAKE CONTROL Ambassador or a Content Creator. 

Become a TAKE CONTROL Ambassador

TAKE CONTROL is a program dedicated to sharing information about how to take control of your life and make the right calls, even when times get tough. The best part? It’s a short game that will take you less than three minutes to play, and you and your friends can win gift cards.  

PLAY and SHARE the TAKE CONTROL trivia games with as many of your friends as possible. At the end of the game, your friends can give you credit by choosing your name. The more people you invite, the more points you earn towards your gift cards! Plus, your friends get entered to win a gift card by playing the trivia.  

Play, share and win!

To find out more and apply to become a TAKE CONTROL Ambassador, click below.

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Become a Content Creator

If you’re all about social media and have many friends following you, you can apply to become a content creator for the You Can campaign. Let your creativity run wild and share awesome posts about how you keep your mind, mood, and health in check. Have fun creating social media posts and earn some extra cash!

To find out more and apply to become a You Can Content Creator, click below.

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