Imagine taking a driving test. Now imagine doing it in front of a bunch of sheriff’s officers. No thanks, right?

In Colorado, that’s what a group of drivers did, but with one extra factor – they had to consume alcohol, use marijuana, or drive while texting. It was a closed course test put on by the Adams County Sheriff’s Office and a marijuana legalization group.

So which drivers hit the most cones? The answer might surprise you.

In this experiment, the texting drivers performed the worst on the course, followed by the marijuana users, then the alcohol users. Yes, you read that right. The marijuana drivers performed worse than the alcohol drivers. Scariest of all, the marijuana drivers didn’t think they felt impaired.

The results of this test may be surprising, but any substance (or device!) that can affect coordination and reaction times should be avoided when getting behind the wheel. For your safety, avoid riding with drivers who are impaired by any substance or device.

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